what to wear.jpg

As a parent I know this is always a stress point but it does not need to be {really}. And remember that the clothing will not be what makes your picture {its the people in the picture}. Here are a few items to think about to ease the process.

  • Determine where you will use pictures and the feel you would like (i.e. casual or formal).
  • Determine colors that make you feel & look good.
  • For group pictures make sure all are dressed in same tone - does not have to be same color - for example - pastels, neutrals, jewel
  • Avoid logos
  • Feel free to add patterns but if they are on multiple people make sure they are the same otherwise it will add too many dynamics to the photo.
  • Textures add depth & contrast to pictures
  • Don't be afraid to add an accent color on some of the family. We can always take some with an accent color item and some without.
  • And remember all your pictures will come in black & white too which will always look classic.